Article in upcoming issue of Les Temps Modernes

I’ve recently had confirmation that my article ‘Il n’y a pas de la trace’ on the meta-theory behind the work of Jacques Derrida has been accepted for publication in French in a coming edition of Les Temps Modernes. Hopefully I will find a location for this to be published in English in the near future as well. Many thanks to those who have assisted in making this happen. I’m already plotting a trip to Paris purely for the joy of purchasing something I’ve written in Gilbert Jeune – a true life ambition.

New Generation Thinkers 2012

It’s a great honour and privilege to have been recently awarded the title of one of the ten ‘New Generation Thinkers 2012’ by the AHRC and BBC Radio 3. I’m really looking forward to working on developing some of the themes from my research into material with the producers at Radio 3 and BBC Television Arts. As you may have guessed this rather skeletal website was rushed into existence when I learnt about the award a little while ago, hopefully I’ll find time to put something more substantial here soon.

This is me (far right) with the other ten winners of the 2012 scheme:

I’ll be recording my first material for ‘Night Waves’ this week which will be broadcast at some point over the next fortnight. I’ll try to keep this website updated with the full details of future media appearances. I’m doing a short interview with BBC Radio Essex tomorrow morning (14th June).

Rather than repeat what has been said here are a few different reports giving details of this unique and exciting scheme along with the 2012 launch:

BBC Press Release
Article in the Telegraph
Reported by the University of Essex